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14 August 2009


Been getting a few inquiries as to whether APAR is still operational. Good question. Ever since the MX theatre blog went live, they seemed to take such the brunt of both reviews and comments that this blog seemed less useful. I got out of the habit of regular updates.
So... is anyone missing it? I'm happy to keep it going, and/or to work on restructuring it to be a better resource for everyone.
What do you, dear readers, want? Let's make it happen.


Jerome said...

Mountain Express doesn't offer anyone and everyone a chance to write a review. You do. That's a difference, and a service.

ryan said...

I think this blog is definitely valid. Jerome has a point but also I think there is a slightly less formal feel here, and people are more likely to comment because of it. It makes the review itself something open to objection which it should be in the first place. Seriously, please keep this open. I love academia and posturing as much as the next guy...whatever that means, but I also like knowing what actual casual viewers not being pressured to see a show thought of a show. MountainX is finding its stride and will be awesome but I think this serves a different purpose.

Jamie said...

Agreed with Jerome and Ryan. Nothing really to add; they covered what would have been my points :)

bob.smith.avl said...


Good resource.

Keep it alive.

Ron Bashford said...

I think it's interesting that the folks who leave comments at MX mostly criticize the reviewers rather than talk about the shows. I think that's probably appropriate for a publication with a big distribution.

But since more reviews are being published over there, why don't you expand the discussion here a bit. In addition to reviews and show comments, what if you did a monthly topic people could share views about? Practical or controversial stuff like "Casting" or "Scene Transitions" or "Ticket Prices" or "Budgets" or "Lighting Design", etc. Seems to me almost all the people who visit your site make theatre and would be interested to learn what other people think about stuff...

Asheville Performing Arts Reviews: Online and Ontarget said...

Thanks everybody. Clearly editorship of this blog has not been around, so my apologies. APAR will rise again, er, just not right now. I'm hopeful that 2010 will provide a chance to refocus and maybe restructure things a bit.
Really, though, thanks.

Hans said...

I'm pleased to see how the quality of commentary on this blog has risen of late.

Asheville Performing Arts Reviews: Online and Ontarget said...

Yes, the spam is becoming quite unmanageable.